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Re: Error changing directory to '$FND_TOP'.Command 'cd "\$FND_TO

You cannot use remote environment variables in bookmarks, if that's what you ask for.
It's technically not possible with neither SFTP nor FTP protocol (it would be possible with SCP).

Error changing directory to '$FND_TOP'.Command 'cd "\$FND_TO

Hi All,

I'm not sure if this is a help request or feature request. I did search the site without finding an answer.

I was wondering whether it's possible to use variables in the bookmarks when saving directories. I work with four systems that have similar paths but change a bit when you're on a different instance. Using variables would help me.

for example $FND_TOP would be different in our environments.


if I echo $FND_TOP in each env. I get the above. In a shell I can cd $FND_TOP to get where I want to go.

If it's not technically feasible or I need a certain setting in WinSCP please let me know.