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Atit wrote:

THis is how, right? session.AddRawSettings

It's sessionOptions.AddRawSettings. The example was wrong. It's fixed now.

Sorry, got it... thanks

THis is how, right? session.AddRawSettings

Thanks prikryl.

But when we use the code as example shown in WinSCP .net assembly. We are unable to see 'SFTPMaxVersion' property or anything listed on

Is there separate class in .Net we should use?

Change SFTP protocol via .Net assembly


Our client's SFTP server has 'SFTP protocol version' 3 and we are using WinSCP 5.7

How can we set protocol version to 3 via .Net assembly (C# class).

Currently due to protocol version mismatch, we are getting "SSE2636 Command rejected due to sftp proxy policy settings: SSH_FXP_INIT"

Please help as we are not very familiar with SFTP/WinSCP.

Atit Shah