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Re: Copying files by"move to" , and files disapper /WinSCP 5.5.6

The Move To command is for moving remote files to another remote directory.
If you want to download remote files to local directory and remove the originals, use Download and Delete command.
I'm afraid, you have lost your files as you renamed/moved them all to the same file, overwriting one another.
The next version will warn, if you try to do that:

Copying files by"move to" , and files disapper /WinSCP 5.5.6

hi, I got big problem today When I was connected to my HTC ONE by ftp(WinSCP), i marked all of my photos and clicked right mouse button and move to... I wrote C:\ . All files that i marked are changed to one file with name : 'C:' , with no hmm enlargement like jpeg, mov, or else. If i add jpeg i can see one photo. I cant find my photos on phone and on my PC. How works this option move to. ? Where they can be? Can you help me somehow ?
P.S. Sorry for all translate-mistakes, in text.