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no comment

sorry for the smart question i must haven been stupid ...

thx anyway
great work

Re: Instanting Folder Change

Find command "Synchronize browsing" (Ctrl+Alt+B)

Instanting Folder Change


great program :) i just have a suggestion that will probably won't be too hard to intgrate. i'm wondering why this feature does not exist in any ftp/scp etc program.

for example: if a make an action on the remote dir e.g. "change into dir includes" and holding SHIFT down the program should check if that is possible on the corresponding dialog, in this case "check if there is a dir named includes on the local side and change into it. that is what we all are doing ? e.g. in a sourcetree we have to change on both sides in the same dir to transfer data, it would be easier if the program would help with that :)

nevertheless winscp is great!
Bye & thanks kostas