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thanks for update.

we are using WINSCP 4.3.2 version. I couldn't able to find the option which you were telling.

open s -hostkey=""

do we need to give the private key in the hostkey value??.


Navigation to find -host key fingerprint

If you are using 5.7.2. version, click 'Session' tab in the Menu, then click 'Server/Protocol Information'. 'Server host key fingerprint' can be seen at the bottom of the 'Protocol' screen.

Thanks for the update.

what should be given in the hostkey value.

open s -hostkey=""

1. Files will be polled from local machine.
2. I need to transfer multiple files from local machine to remote SFTP location.

Could you provide sample script for the above requirement.

Re: Sample Script to send files using SFTP WINSCP

What specific problem are you having with the task? Where are you polling the files from? A local or remote location?

Sample Script to send files using SFTP WINSCP

Hi All,

Iam new to scripting. My requirement is as below:

Poll the files from a particular location and send to target location using SFTP (WINSCP).
Guide me writing a script for this requirement.

Thanks in Advance.