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Re: File sync to "tail -f" error logs

WinSCP does not support this.
Nor there is a way for WinSCP to be notified on a change to a remote file.
So it has to be on timer.
There's already "reload" function available (TEditorForm::Reload()).
You just have to trigger it periodically.
MostHost LA

File sync to "tail -f" error logs

Hi all,

I'm curious what process you would see best fit to essentially get a built in WINSCP editor window to auto update either periodically - or on server side file change if possible.

I'm trying to achieve the same result as for example "tail -f /var/log/maillog" but within the built in editor so as to be able to search and use other functions.

Just curious on what the "path of least resistance" would be.

I have no problems diving into the source and actually adding a UI function to the editor window for this btw. But I don't think that the client knows when things change server side so I'm guessing it would have to be on a timer base? I want to determine that, and generate a non intrusive script - before delving into the code...