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Even C# also fine .. Let me look at that and check how it works..

thanks for that help once again :)

Re: Get Files in VB.Net

I do not know VB.NET, but in C# it would be like:

RemoteFileInfo latestTextFile = dir.Files.Where(file => file.Name.EndsWith(".cpp")).OrderByDescending(file => file.LastWriteTime).First();

any helpers?

I want to know identifying the extension of the file and lastwrite time .. I used below code

InitFile = directory.Files.OrderByDescending(Function(f) f.LastWriteTime).First

To get the lastwrite time but it always returs name with "." I have txt files which I want mainly not all .. Is thr any property in the RemoteFileInfo which can help ?

Get Files in VB.Net

I have written code which connects and get the files from it .
I want to know how to retrieve only .txt files from that folder and that too latest one .