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Re: problem scripting an ftp download

Nevermind guys...I added the rm *.* command to the script and it works now!

problem scripting an ftp download

Hey Guys,

This is probably pretty simple for you, but I am having an issue with the -delete switch. I am trying to do a simple script where I simply grab files from an SFTP site. If I remove the -delete from the script listed below, it grabs the files without any issues. The problem is that when I grab the files I need it removed from the SFTP site. I have a batch file that connects to winscp to the SFTP site and loads the following script:

option batch continue
option confirm off
lcd d:\data\import\
Get -delete N*.*

the version of winscp is 4.0.6, but I don't want to upgrade it, as there are other scripts running on the system that I did not set up and I do not want to mess up those scripts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.