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Re: Preferences_ Endurance

I do not understand. The clients, are they uploading files using WinSCP to your server? Or are you uploading files using WinSCP to clients' server? Or do the clients use some tool of your own that uses WinSCP internally to upload files to their own server?

Anyway, read this:

Preferences_ Endurance

I am not sure what version of WINSCP we use, I couldn't find it when I opened the software and I am only working this task because the person who normally deals with this is on vacation. However, it looks like the kind of thing that might cross versions anyway.

We have multiple clients who move files through our WinSCP software. One client is having a problem because the files are apparently being tried to be picked up at their end before they have finished copying and so do not have the right file extension.

The client suggested we bump up the value on the Endurance tab for files above from the value of 100 to one that is higher than the largest file they send. My problem is I don't know how to evaluate if this is something that would have a big impact on other clients or not or even exactly what impact this feature has at all. So I am having trouble deciding how to respond to this urgent request.

What problems might happen if I change this value? What effect in general does it have?