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Re: Rejected SFTP connection but listens to FTP due to possible file uploaded?

No it's not likely that changing PHP configuration would break SFTP. Though note that this is not an appropriate forum to ask such questions. Consider asking on

Rejected SFTP connection but listens to FTP due to possible file uploaded?

Hello and I hope some of you might answer this question. Recently I've been having an internship and was tasked to do the emailing part of a website. We were using WinSCP to update the files on the site. But recently we tried to put PEAR Mail on the server for PHP. And so, after uploading the PEAR folder onto the server and after changing the SMTP and smtp_port on the php.ini file as well as adding an include path I asked my IT supervisor to reboot the server so the changes to the .ini file could take effect. But after rebooting, we could no longer log-in to the server using WinSCP. It kept saying that it failed to connect via SFTP but still listened to FTP, but connecting via FTP did not work either. We've been doing the same thing for the past few days but this is the first time this happened. So what I'm trying to ask is this, is it possible that changing something in the php.ini file and/or uploading PEAR folder changed something about the port 22 and SFTP connections to the host? Because to me that would not make any sense at all. Thanks and good day.