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Connection Timeout Clarification... Interesting Update...

PCs running WinSCP client and Filezilla server were rebooted... My server connection timeouts problems then went away for large file transfer sizes.

I set OPEN command parameter back to default setting of -timeout=15 and everything is transferring just fine.

Interesting... but good to go now. :roll:

Connection Timeout Clarification...

I have been using WinSCP for a couple of weeks now. Love it already! Transferring with WinSCP as client to Filezilla server. Client and server are both on a private network and same subnet. Using FTPS -explicit at this time.

I am in a test phase to ensure transfers are reliable. I was working on reducing speed limits on the Server side to prevent transfers from utilizing too much bandwidth. I hit a limit where I began to encounter server connection timeouts with larger file size transfers.

Using a PUT –delete “C:\CSV_Logs\*.txt” “/” command in the script the server would timeout after (15) seconds when the transfer of larger files was taking place. Would it be a true statement that a full single file transfer must take place within the configured timeout period? If I set the –timeout=30 parameter on the OPEN command or increase the server transfer speed limit the timeout error goes away.

Does the server not consider the transferring of data as a reset for the connection timeout timer? Is there something I’m missing to keep the connection alive during a long and/or slow file transfer or is my solution above the best one available at this time with my selected FTPS protocol?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.