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Re: Using WinSCP (SCP) Betwween two Windows 2012 Servers

First, you need to choose an SSH server for the Windows server. There's no SSH server in Windows natively.

Then you need to follow the server-specific procedure to setup the key.

Using WinSCP (SCP) Betwween two Windows 2012 Servers

I currently am using WinSCP (.NET) to perform a secure copy (SCP) of files between a Windows 2012 and Linux Server.

I would like to use the same service to perform a secure copy (SCP) between two Windows 2012 servers.

On the Windows to Linux server setup we used PuttyGen to create the private/public keys, and then we installed the public key on the Linux server. I am somewhat baffled on how to install the PuttyGen public key on the Windows server that would have files pushed/pulled to/from it.

Can someone please point me to documentation that would demystify this process, or if I'm headed down the wrong path tell me the best practice for what I am attempting?