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Vice versa on this

I believe this function had been implemented, cause i tried to copied some path from remote site into windows path seems to be recognized, but seems like it did not recognize when i pasted Windows path into remote site.
suggest to make it vice versa, i think most developer will have the very similar path in local and remote, making it vice versa should be very helpful.

Re: not windows

OK, I'll think about it.

not windows

No of course not, but the difference in paths is so negligible that the two forms could be interchangeable. ie. A backslash in a path is the equivalent to a forward slash so it seems that it could ever so easily be interchanged.

It would make copying/pasteing of paths a lot easier.

Most of us are locally using Windows and when interacting with a linux/unix system via ftp my only interface to that system is via WinSCP. I have no command line or GUI access to that machine so my experience of the remote file system is limited to that provided by WinSCP.

It is the only time I will experience paths in a non-windows format. If the path could be made interchangeable then that makes sense from a Windows perspective. I frankly do not care about backslashes or forward slashes, all I want is for WinSCP to be inuitive and easy to use.

Re: correction to typos

So you want to paste a path with backslashes to a remote panel of WinSCP which uses forward slashes? The remote panel is not "Windows".

correction to typos

My suggestion was incorrectly stated.

In my post please replace "forward slashes" with "backslashes"

WinSCP uses forward slashes in the path.

When I copy a path from windows explorer it uses backslashes, eg.

H:\webs\Lightquick Fagus PSD\public_html\administrator\components\com_categories

If I try to copy the relevant part of the path to WinSCP using the paste function (right click on the breadcrumb/ open directory / paste )

and I drop the following into the path: public_html\administrator\components\com_categories

it does the following:

Prohibited file name: \public_html\administrator\components\com_categories

Whereas it will allow:


Winscp does not like windows style paths

Re: SUGGESTION: Allow forward slash paths in windows folder path format

yereverluvinunclebert wrote:

Windows requires forward slashes in the path but WinSCP requires backslashes

Where does Windows require forward slashes?

SUGGESTION: Allow forward slash paths in windows folder path format

Windows requires forward slashes in the path but WinSCP requires backslashes, when copying and pasting a long folder name from windows to the path it is frustrating having to retype all the slashes by hand.

By default WinSCP should allow and understand both slash types, even mixed. This means that you could add a windows folder path to a current selected path in WinSCP without worrying.

I think this is essential to allow WinSCP to be truly native on Windows.

Tried to add this to tracker but for some reason the login to tracker will not work any more. Tried the forum password and my bugzilla username/pass but neither work, so I have raised it here instead.