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I looked through the forums for the specific message I had seen, but of course, I can't find it. I promise it's out there somewhere -- I wouldn't have (temporarily) walked away from WinSCP if I hadn't seen it :)

It was entirely my fault for putting the CALL string in quotes, or I likely would have had this working the first try last Friday. Nothing but a "doh" on me when all is said and done.

With this corrected, my transfer is now working perfectly. WinSCP to the rescue! :)


After revisiting WinSCP, I realized my error was putting the arguments to the CALL statement in quotes (in my script). I removed the quotes, and the CALL SITE.... function worked just fine.

If I can find a link to the post that said it wasn't supported, which I apparently misunderstood, I'll post it in a moment.

soonerdave wrote:

I found a post, albeit a bit old, explicitly stating that "QUOTE SITE" is not supported. I'll have to find a different FTP/S client solution.

What post was that?

Anyway, it is supported.

Use CALL SITE RECFM=FB LRECL=114 CYL to call SITE RECFM=FB LRECL=114 CYL FTP command on the server.

After searching the forums a bit more, I've found that WinSCP cannot support the functionality I require.

I found a post, albeit a bit old, explicitly stating that "QUOTE SITE" is not supported. I'll have to find a different FTP/S client solution.

How to make "CALL" work properly for FTP/S connection


I have configured WinSCP to connect to an FTP/S server using explicitSSL. I am connecting to an IBM MVS server to upload a small set of data, and then exit. No external or secondary processing. The connect works fine.

Before "PUT"ting the file, I need to issue a "QUOTE SITE" command, and it appears the intended protocol for WinSCP is to use the CALL statement in a script to accomplish it. Each time, however, the CALL fails. I've tried:


and neither has worked. (Over the course of today, I've tried somewhere between six and 42 billion combinations of this, and nothing's come close). I've even tried just doing a direct QUOTE SITE command, which errors out as an invalid command. I'm obviously having a brain cramp and not understanding what I'm doing wrong.

In order to use WinSCP for this particular project (migrating an existing/working FTP transfer process that uses these existing commands), I *have* to figure out what I'm doing wrong, or if perhaps what I am attempting just isn't supported under FTP/S in WinSCP.

Are remote commands simply not supported in this scenario? Or am I just missing something really, really obvious?

Many thanks,