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Script Automation of Get Command

I am new to using WinSCP - today is my first day. Your site contains documentation for the PUT command, but little to nothing on the GET command or Downloading a single file.

Contents » Features » Scripting » Useful Scripts »
Uploading a single file
A single file upload involves so few commands that it is enough to provide them on the command line, saving writing a script file: /command "option batch abort" "option confirm off" "open s" "put examplefile.txt /home/user/" "exit"However you may want to use a script file anyway, so you can later expand it:

What would be the corresponding example for the GET command to retrieve the same examplefile.txt that was just placed into the /home/user directory?

The documentation on WinSCP is completely lacking on the GET command. WinSCP is a free program, so I am appreciative of any assistance that can be rendered.