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I changed the owner of the folder and everything works well now. Thanks!

I've tried everything on that page but I still can't upload any files. I have to change the permissions of the folders to upload which is a big hassle. Not sure how I can work around this.

I'm still curious if there's still a way? This makes updating files very difficult.

It was the sudo issue. I got around the problem by making a folder for this particular account id. :)

Is this because I need to use sudo and if so how would I make this work?

Trying to use WinSCP using SSH Key Pair Authentication

I'm using the putty generated one but I can't seem to upload files using WinSCP.

I have added the key in SSH > Authentication and I can connect but I can't upload anything.

I'm getting the error:

Permission denied.
Error code: 3
Error message from server: Permission denied

Not sure why.