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In that case it simply helps if WinSCP inserts the -load argument before the custom arguments (-cmd).

I'm sending you a dev build for testing.

Sorry for my late reply - I did overlook your reply-notification in my inbox.

I use the commandline for convenience, to change my working directory to the current folder open in WinSCP:

kitty.exe -cmd "cd ""!/""" !U@!@

Regards, Jürgen

What command-line pattern do you use and why?

Yes, I missed to state that I use a Terminal client command pattern, what seems to disable the WinSCP temporary session configuration in the registry.

Putty/Kitty in this case fall back to their "Default Settings" Registry Keys, and the values there do not match the settings of my current site in WinSCP.

I tried to use the -load "WinSCP temporary session" option in my Terminal client command what made kitty load the WinSCP temporary session, but unfortunately WinSCP will not update these settings if commandline options were set.

I see two options here:
1) Store session options in Putty Default Settings registry if commandline Options are used. This would even work if the -load option is not configured.
2) Store session options always in WinSCP temporary session regardless if commandline options are used or not. This will only work as long the additional -load option is set. You might consider to call this option in background if commandline options are set.

Re: Export setting "Attempt authentication using Pageant" to temporary Putty session configuration

But WinSCP does store the setting to PuTTY registry key:



Export setting "Attempt authentication using Pageant" to temporary Putty session configuration


I would like to request a small feature to remove a problem, that bothers me quite a lot.

I use sites that authenticate by public key auth and others by login/password.
I use the putty/kitty integration a lot.
I use Pageant (KeeAgent) for private Key management.

Now the problem that arises is, if you enable the "Attempt authentication using Pageant" by default (what is the current default setting in WinSCP) you get login problems on sites that require password authentication.
On those sites WinSCP will first try public key auth and WinSCP and Putty will try to auth with ALL keys available in pageant.
On most sites login will permanently fail when 3 public keys fail. Password authentication will never kick in, because the server will cancel the connection after 3 failed authentications by public key auth.
Now I can remove the "Attempt authentication using Pageant" in WinSCP and the problem disappears in WinScp, but I still get this error in Putty.
I now can change the "Attempt authentication using Pageant" setting in the Putty default session and re-enable login on sites with password auth, but now I cannot login into my sites that require public key auth any more.

As far as I know, there is no workaround for this. One way to solve this is to properly store this setting in the registry key for putty before launching Putty.

I'd be very thankful if you could fix this issue.

Thanks for this awesome program WinSCP is. Love it alot :)