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+1, would also be happy if this was possible.

Re: Can Winscp be used to sync between two local folders on the same pc

WinSCP does not support synchronization of two local folders.

Side note: You really need to upgrade!
bob parkes

Can WinSCP be used to sync between two local folders on the same PC

I have used WinSCP before to synchronize between a local folder and a
folder on a remote machine. I found the synchronize feature very easy to use,
and I am familiar with it

Because of the ease of use, I would like to use WinSCP for a slightly different task:
to synchronize between 2 local folders, each on a different logical disk
(for example c:\my_data and d:\my_data, on my PC)

Because both folders are local, I think there is no remote host, and so no need for
remote login or for FTP, so I do not know whether it is possible to use WinSCP for this task.

Can you advise me please?
Yours sincerely, Bob Parkes

Using WinSCP 4.1.8 on Windows 7 Enterprise edition