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I'd make the open with editor optional. Perhaps I'd like to look at the properties of the file etc. not edit it directly.


Bookmarking files would be great!


I'd really like to second the suggestion to be able to set a bookmark on a single file instead of a directory.
Sometimes there are a lot files inside one directory and when one has to go back to that specific file every once in a while, a bookmark would be such a big timesaver.

Kate :D [/u]

Re: Advanced Bookmarks - not only to directories but to files

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll consider them.

Advanced Bookmarks - not only to directories but to files

Hello !
First of all - thank you VERY MUCH for the excellent software !
I'm wishing you the Marry Christmas and Happy 2014 Year !

So, let me offer the idea for Advanced Bookmarks (what we now call by Ctrl-O)
Everybody knows how much files we have to edit on our servers.

What if a bookmark ending with slash / - like
goes to directory

but if a bookmark is NOT ending with slash - like
it automatically opens as a file using editor ?

This case we can keep in bookmarks not only paths to directories - but paths to the files what we edit.

Also, I would offer - if we type something in Open directory line (calling by Ctrl-O) - it searches not only from beginning like
type /etc
typing "php.ini"
will find

Also, I would offer to increase the memory of the history in Open Directory line (calling by Ctrl-O) - it looks now it remembers only last 5-6 visits.

Hopefully some of these ideas will be implemented in the next versions of WinCP.

Again, wishing you all the best !