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Hello prikryl

I've never used the CLI of WinSCP. Only the drag and drop IDE

I had a quick google for tutorials and found this but it was more reference manual than tutorial.

Do you know of any good tutorials?

Anyway I decided to take a chance and upgrade from Eclipse(Juno) to Eclipse(Mars) and that's fixed the problem.

I appreciate you trying to help me

Thanks very much

Re: Win10 - File Not Found in Eclipse Juno

That looks like an issue with Eclipse, not WinSCP.

What command-line do you have configured for Eclipse in WinSCP?

What happens when you start Eclipse from command-line with a path to file to be added as an argument, while another instance of Eclipse is already running?

Win10 - File Not Found in Eclipse Juno

Hello WinSCP

Last night I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. (no laughing please)

Today I opened WinSCP and connected to a remote server, that same server I've been connecting to for the past few weeks.

I browse the remote server and choose a file to edit. If I double click the file it opens the Eclipse IDE (my choice of editor)

Everything is normal up until this point.

When I try to open a 2nd file is when the problems start.

If I double click to open another file
or if I right click > edit open
or right click > edit with

I get the same error message (see attachment) "File could not be found"

Yesterday when I was on Win7 I was able to open and edit multiple files at the same time, each file would open in a separate tab in Eclipse

Win 10
WinSCP 5.7.4 (build 5665)
Eclipse Juno IDE (latest updates applied)

I uninstalled and reinstalled WinSCP and checked for updates.

If I use Notepad++ as my editor I can open, edit and update multiple files no problem. So this would hint at a problem with Eclipse.

From my perspective the only variable that's changed is Win10. Everything worked fine yesterday.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks very much