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Re: View files with F3

OK, taking this into consideration :)

View files with F3

Hi Martin,

WinSCP is a tool which I work with at least once a week since a couple of years.
The program is great, helps me a lot looking inside log files and copy them to our log archive.

But also since a couple of years I really miss one function: viewing files by typing F3.
Even if I know that this does not work, yet, I first press F3 by habit and recognis that nothing happens when I only want to view a file.

I ever worked with Commander like applications and I am used to the shortcuts heavily.
During the installation I'm forced to chose if WinSCP should behave in "Norton Commander" or "Windows Explorer" style but not having F3 is not Commander like.

As I understand the google hits and forum posts I'm not the only one and the "bug" you reference to in your answers is about seven years old.

I'd really appreciate it to see this function availiable sometime.
So my concern is: please, Please, pLeAsE, PlEaSe, P L E A S E, s'il vous plaît, proszę, пожалуйста, tlhob (last one was klingon) implement it.

Thank you very much.
kind regards ProX