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Re: Please develop further the far plugin

Sorry, I just do not have a capacity for FAR plugin.

Re: Please develop further the far plugin

Dear Martin,

martin wrote:

See Far-NetBox:

It's based on WinSCP FAR plugin.

Yes, it is sort of based... But, unlike WinSCPFar, it does NOT work correctly. We have migrated to NetBox some time ago and since then we are encountering all sorts of issues... And the author does not seem to be bothered by any feedback :-(

At present, we are seriously considering downgrading the Far version for all our users (almost 40) who work at home to be compatible with the last WinSCPFar plugin again...

Please, do not abandon us ;-)

Vlado B, 15:30


Please develop further the far plugin

I am ready to support this project, but I am really only interested in the the Far plugin. I love Far and I support Far.
Is there a possiblity that the Far plugin is developed further to support the new SSH cyphers? Feature wise I am content with the latest available version of the Far plug-in (I would like a 64 bit version, but that is not really needed). I can no longer use the Far plug-in though with some SFTP servers because they restrict the cypher list. I can use WinSCP with those sites, but I have no interest in that Filezilla works just fine if I did not want Far integration.