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Re: amazon s3

Amazon S3 support was implemented.
If anyone is interested in beta testing, please email me or register here on the forum and post a request for a development version.

I'd like to agree, it'd be great to see this included.
WinSCP is the best.
David Celine

S3 support for WinSCP

I would like to add my endorsement to the request for S3 support.
Amazon S3 is the becoming a widely used backend for cloud storage, and starting to replace private FTP servers for cloud storage in many applications.

As a regular user of WinSCP, and of S3, I really miss the fantastic features of S3 in the comparatively primitive tools I am forced to use for my S3 file maintenance.

Thank you for WinSCP.

David Celine

Re: Reconsider?

@chphilli: Still not on the roadmap. Sorry.


Any chance you're willing to reconsider this? Cloudberry is a good tool, but it's nowhere near as good as WinSCP.

Re: amazon s3

Sorry, I do not want to add (and maintain) support for yet another protocol. Specially when it is proprietary.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 support would be great.

I recently downloaded this program for managing Amazon S3 from Windows:

While it works, it made me realize how great WinSCP is ... especially if I could connect to S3 using it!