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Same issue solved by setting UID

Create a new folder using WinSCP GUI and tick SetUID and try again, that would give you an idea what to do, and solve the issue for me

Well that was simple. Turns out that you're right.

If I use improper case with a cd command, I'm still able to navigate through folders up to a specific point where it starts to fail. However, I can't list the contents in those directories unless I used the proper case to begin with.

It's a little bit counter-intuitive, but using the correct case seems to be the solve. And I could have sworn I tested that. Oh well.


In GUI, you enter /Prod path, while in script you use /prod. Note that most servers are case-sensitive.

FYI - I tried with an older version of WinSCP (5.5.6) and the same problem was present. I've also tried from different computers in different networks.

It's a third-party FTP site, so I'm limited in what I can look at there.

See attached GUI log file - shows directory listings.

Re: Cannot List Directory & No Such File or Directory Error

Can you attach a log file from GUI showing listing of the /prod directory?

I'm on the latest version of WINSCP, but this problem existed in the prior version as well.

Cannot List Directory & No Such File or Directory Error

While creating some automated scripts with WINSCP, I've encountered a problem with a specific SFTP site that has me bewildered. There are no issues whatsoever when using the WINSCP gui (winscp.exe) - however I'm trying to use

After navigating away from the root directory of the SFTP site, the "ls" command no longer functions, and simply throws an error message "Directory X does not exist".

Additionally, and more troublesome is the fact that I cannot navigate or pull files from specific directories. Again, a similar error message "Cannot get real path for X" is thrown.

In the log file you will note that I can navigate to "/prod/wim_out/lincoln", but I cannot navigate to "/prod/wim_out/cornerfeedfiles" and several other folders.

These directories are set-up with identical permissions, and FTP clients can access them with no problem. It's only when I use command-line options and scripts that this problem is encountered.

Any help that can be provided is appreciated.