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Re: Synchronization and comparsion could use multiple connections

Yes, only a single connection is used.
I'll consider supporting multiple connections. But it's quite a change.
Thanks for your donation!

Synchronization and comparsion could use multiple connections

Hello, I use synchronization a lot, every day. It's very very prone to latency problems.

If I use my crappy ADSL (6/0.9mbit) which has a better ping (10 ms) it starts really quickly, by comparing files really quickly.

If I use my higher bandwidth 4G (50/30mbit), which has stable, but slightly worse ping of 40ms the comparison dialog is noticeably slower.

This lead me to conclude that WinSCP's synchronization comparison dialog does not use multiple connections.

Also I'd like to know if the uploading changes in "keep remote up to date" mode is using multiple connections? It sometimes seems slow when it uploads a lot of files.

I think the "keep remote up to date" and "synchronization" should start multiple connections immediately and keep them ready when changes comes so that it can quickly upload multiple files.

Thanks, great work, just donated a $9 with no expectations to do anything, as my gratitude for using this program for ages.

- Jari