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Even with 10 folders, the most simple and readable syntax would the the 10 synchronize commands.

yes, it`s nice idea if only 3 folders.
But summary about 10 folders and 15 subfolders and few only files

I whant know how resolse easy task, and rework for my real situation

Re: Search mask with different folders

For this simple case, it's easiest to run synchronization three times, once for each directory.

Search mask with different folders

Hello, I`m trying configure autosync only for selected dirictories.

For example search. I located in base folder "A". Wich contains A1, A2 and A3 folders.
But I whant search only in next pathes: A2, A3/A3_1 and A3/A3_5
How i can create my search mask?

I`m trying next: A2/; A3/A3_1/; A3/A3_5/, but it`s not work...