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Re: Help -- WinSCP is not compatible with color shell

This is in general problem of the server as it SHOULD NOT color the directory listing for non-interactive sessions (WinSCP case). In general the colored directory listings must be enabled from some configuration script. You should move the setting to script that is not run for non-interactive sessions. Cause of your problem is probably similar as for this one.

Help -- WinSCP is not compatible with color shell


I am havn't trouble doing anything useful with WinSCP because my shell supports directory color code. When I log in through WinSCP, I would see something like


The directory name is just app and the "junk" are FreeBSD color code

When I try to access the folder in anyways, winSCP would crash

I had used WinSCP before when my shell has no color and it work perfectly. So is there any quick fix to get it working in a colored environment?