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Re: PS3 FTP filetransfer

You should better ask this on some PS3 forum.

PS3 FTP filetransfer

Hi everyone! I'm new here and I could use a hand on this problem :| . I've been trying for a couple hours to transfer a game from my pc to a PS3 folder using WinSCP and Filezill and it just doesn't work. I was able to connect to the server when I try to transfer a file but it says there's a permission error even though I've disabled the firewalls. On Filezilla, I constantly got " 553 PERMISSION ERROR " " Critical error" . On WinSCP, I get : " Copying files to remote side failed.Could not change directory: /dev_hdd0/game/ ". On the other hand, I am able to transfer files to other folders. Thank you very much for the help, Cheers! :mrgreen: