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Ah yes, thanks for the clarification, I seem to remember it now :)

Personally I would have preferred WinSCP to stay open, but I understand if there are other reasons for closing it. For me it would be much better if I wanted to open several Putty-sessions, and I could not remember the Shift modifier. Then I could simply press ESC to close WinSCP when done.

Of course I could just remember to use Shift+Ctrl+P instead :mrgreen:


Re: Putty integration: Ctrl+P closes WinSCP if no sessions open.

It's intentional.

It won't close, if you hold down a Shift key when clicking on the Open in PuTTY.

Putty integration: Ctrl+P closes WinSCP if no sessions open.

Hello Martin,
I have recently noticed the Ctrl+P shortcut to actually open Putty directly from the Site Manager, usually I first open a session in WinSCP then open Putty. However, sometimes I would like to just open Putty i.e. just use WinSCP as a very good session manager for Putty.

Unfortunately this closes the WinSCP window if no sessions are already open.

Would it be possible to have WinSCP not close when using Ctrl+P in the site manager?
Maybe it's a bug, since I use 5.8 dev build?