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This is still an issue?

@martin, I made an account on this forum for the sole purpose of voting on this bug to be fixed. How is it that people have been requesting since 2015 for this and still nothing?

Hi guys! As I understand OP means implementing Ctrl+X (Cut&Paste), not Ctrl+C. Where we can track that feature request?

Wow Copy&Paste files has been wanted since 2008?

Cut/Copy/Paste from either remote to local, or local to remote or remote to remote,

It's still information to use with the commands, not just mv or cp.

You only need to choose how to handle it:.

If it's R2R then either use cp or mv.
If r2local then ftp to target, not "my documents".

Re: Cut & paste commands

Do you mean Copy&Paste from remote to remote?

Cut & paste commands

Yunno... when you think about it...

The Cut&Paste commands (Ctrl+X or right-click menu) on a file or folder just means it's telling you what the "source" for the mv command, is.

And Copy (Ctrl+C) means here's the source but use the cp command.

Paste is just the target for the command. Two basic information.

What you do with them, is up to you.

You've got 2 informations you need, source and target. Which of mv or cp you use depends on Cut or Copy in the menu.

Can we get this very basic feature in the program, please?

It'll make things so much easier for us to use.

I'd like WinSCP to use more standard windows commands. That'd be nice.

Anyway, Cut&Paste, a simple lil feature that'll save us a lot of trouble.