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Re: WinSCP & Win 2012R2 server

I do not think you can make IIS provide the ownership information.

WinSCP & Win 2012R2 server

Hi I am using WinSCP for quite a long time mostly against Synology SFTP servers and I am happy with its functionality.

Last month I have installed Win 2012R2 server and I am running FTP server with implicit TLS/SSL and found following issue:

In WinSCP klient I am not able to see owner/group of the files. Even opening Properties for file does not show anything.

There are 2 options on Windows 2012R2 IIS FTP server for directory listing:

MS-DOS - with this selected WinSCP shows all blank (there is nothing - group/owner/access rights are empty)
UNIX - this shows Owner as "owner" and Group as "group" (not very helpfull) :D

Any idea how to fix this?