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Re: I fully agree

If you want this to get implemented, please vote on the tracker, instead of ranting here.

I fully agree

They really really suck. They hide important information (the path) each time I use a button from the interface, I'm about to looking for another FTP client, JUST, REALLY JUST FOR THAT.

Better ToolTips

I use the custom command buttons a lot. I'd like to use them more. You could help.

The ToolTips suck. They basically repeat what I know: it's a custom button, and it's name is "exactly the same as what I see right in front of me".

Wouldn't it be better to have the ACTUAL COMMAND in the ToolTip. Not only could I see the command before I execute it, I could give the buttons smaller names, and therefore have more buttons.

This would be easy to implement.


;o) Cor