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Remote directory up to date

This is a wonderful function. It's probably me, but this is what happened:
I used the "Default" setting for transfer mode. Quite without warning, the web page I was working on broke. After several hours of working on what I thought was my problem, I turned off "Keep up to date" and manually uploaded the suspected file, a Javascript file. Things started working again. I turned "Remote Directory Update" back on, setting the transfer mode to "text" and it seems to have fixed things.
My guess as to what happens? I sometimes don't include a semi-colon at the end of lines in Javascript, relying on the line break to separate expressions. I bet .js files are transferred in binary, and the line breaks are getting scotched. If I'm right, Python files would also be broken.
Checking the "Use same settings next time" box does not keep the transfer settings option in place. That's no real problem, as I now know I have to do that every time.
All-in-all, WinSCP is a WONDERFUL application. I use it every day, all day and couldn't be happier.