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Problem solved!

I found that on the client side has been set automatic deletion after you copy files. So command "get" working properly.

Any idea?

I´m sending a picture. This simple command copy file from /EXPORT to C:\Techem but file dissapear from /EXPORT. Any ideas why this happen?

Re: get command delete remote file

WinSCP does not delete the remote file (unless you specify get -delete). And it cannot delete the file anyway, if you do not have write permissions.

get command delete remote file

when I want copy file from remote directory to local using "get" command, remote directory file is deleted.

My code:
/command "option batch abort" "open sftp://..." "option transfer ascii" "cd Remote_Directory" "lcd Local_Directory" "get File_Name"

I have no permission to write on remote directory, can this cause the problem? If yes, why?