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So how do you identify those 300?

Hi Prikyl,

My apologies for not being too clear. I am not trying to get the newest files, I am trying to get about 300 files (about half the files in the folder) that are an archived data set that I want to download and process. I have used file masks to get similar files through an sftp. I edited the arguments for synchronize to only be the one of the directories with the files I am after, but no luck.

Re: Anonymous FTP synchronize

The arguments of synchronize are paths to directory, not file.

You cannot synchronize files directly this way.

You can use a filemask to restrict directory synchronization to a single file.

But it's an overkill, why don't you just use get -neweronly?

get -neweronly /remote/path/filename.txt C:\localpath\

Anonymous FTP synchronize


I am trying to automate the synchronization of a remote file to a local file, and the remote file is on an ftp that I anonymously log into. I am trying the following script

option confirm off
option batch abort
synchronize local "C:\\localfile\\" /remote/file/names

And it is not working. This is similar to something I use for sftp file transfers, which works fine. I can't find examples using an anonymous ftp, so I thought I'd ask here. Thanks.