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The file is now pulling without issue. No need to look any farther. I will assume this was an issue on the source side.

Re: failure for one file out of several

Log file attached

Re: failure for one file out of several

Please attach a full log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP).

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ch_icftp failure for one file out of several

WinSCP version:

I have a script that is pulling 18 files and it hangs on one of the files. I can pull the file using GUI without issue. When I manually run with the script after about 1mb of transfer the cmd window repeats messages as such:

<filename> : 15504 KB : 177.5 KB/s : binary : -1587610000%
<filename> : 15568 KB : 182.5 KB/s : binary : 100%
<filename> : 15712 KB : 177.5 KB/s : binary : -1608909200%
<filename> : 15776 KB : 183.9 KB/s : binary : 100%

This continues to scroll - and when left for 20 minutes the transfer did not complete - it should only take 6-7 minutes.

Again, other files pull without issue, just this one is failing.

Script is very basic. I can send log and script via email if requested.

Thanks in advance.