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Thanks for the clarification. I have it working via a bat file that's run from the command prompt.

Kind regards

I've meant that if the problem with using /script= is that it pops up a console window, you can use winscp.exe /script= to avoid that.

You cannot use "open with" feature of Windows Explorer.

Though you can create a wrapper batch file, say winscp.bat that does:

"c:\program files (x86)\winscp\" /script="%1"

and use "open with winscp.bat"

Hi prikryl, thanks for your response.

I tried running the script using the WinSCP.exe but the same message pops up in its message window.

Kind regards


Re: Running Script without DOS Command Prompt

When you do "Open with", the Windows runs " C:\Users\msn\Desktop\Script.txt".

WinSCP tries to parse the C:\Users\msn\Desktop\Script.txt as a session URL according to its command-line syntax:

If you want to avoid the console window, use winscp.exe, not

Running Script without DOS Command Prompt

Hi Everyone

I've managed to get WinSCP to correctly download files via FTP on Windows 10 using a script ran from Command Prompt but just want to check something.

Originally I had this script:

get "" "Z:\Software\"

I saved the script into a text file. I thought I could just run it by selecting Open With That didn't work and came up with Host "Drive Script is located on" does not exist (i.e. Host "C" does not exist).

I then saved a bat file with this inside:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /script=C:\Users\msn\Desktop\Script.txt

When I run the .bat file it then works perfectly.

So my question is why does MSDos have to initiate the script rather than it being run directly?

Hope that makes sense.