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Re: Minor bug report: countdown timer reinitializes itself (5.8 portable)

WinSCP resets the coundown, when you move a mouse. This was added in 5.5.1

Does that explain the behavior you are seeing?

Captured it on screenshot, yay!

Minor bug report: countdown timer reinitializes itself (5.8 portable)


A minor bug report incoming with the new 5.8 portable version, not complaining or anything.

I can't reproduce this bug, because the server to which I connect myself doesn't fail enough, so this is a one-time report, sorry.

Here's the thing: sometimes, when I've been connected for too long to my server (by SFTP), the connexion is kinda lost if I want to do anything other than upload or download data. If I want to move to a new folder, the server will take abnormally long to answer back, and will actually require a renewed loggging in.
This bug with my server really doesn't happen often, it can happen to me once or twice a week, I cannot reproduce it at will.

In this situation, WinScp will find that it cannot obtain an answer from the server, and will offer to reconnect, an answer that I'll click to accept.

During that time when WinScp is waiting for the server that is not responding, the program displays a 60-seconds countdown.

And with the new 5.8 version (I'm using the Windows portable version), the countdown kept on resetting itself back to 60 seconds during the ten or so seconds it took for my server to finally accept my session back.

Nothing big at all, but I thought I could report it. Once again, thank you SO MUCH for the handy program, doing the job well. Merry holidays! :)