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Excellent that's perfect :D

Re: Correct syntax for file mask when automating via a script?

I'm not sure, I understand your requirements, but this might do:

keepuptodate -filemask="*.jpg>2015-12-17 | *.tiff"

Re: Correct syntax for file mask when automating via a script?

I have been testing a sync with a remote server and it works fine via the gui but now I want to run a scheduled job to perform the same action, I had been using the keepuptodate command with filetransfer options set.

In the transfer options I have set :

To include files and directories >2015-12-17 00:00 and exclude files and directories <2015-12-17 00:00, I am including *.jpg and excluding *.tiff

So my question as a winscp newbie is what is the correct command / Parameter /syntax to achieve the above?

(Opening a connection to remote server and setting corect home folder on host I can do 8) - keepuptodate works fine but I need to apply the filemask /transfer options to only copy stuff created after the 17th Dec of the file type specified - rather than blanket bomb with 5-6 years of legacy data that would swamp the network and fill up the disks on the dst server.