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Re: Binary transfer not working when remotely editing

A file is always transferred in the text mode to the internal editor as it supports Windows line endings only.

For external editors, the text mode is used only if Force text transfer mode for files edited in external editor editor option is selected (what if off by default in the latest versions):

You need to upgrade in any case.

Binary transfer not working when remotely editing

This seems like a bug.

I have a SCP session (from Windows host to Linux server) with Binary transfer mode.
The transfers work as expected, (my text files are copied from Linux to my Windows with UNIX newlines).
But when I try to remotely edit a remote file, the file is always opened with DOS newlines, as if were
transfered in Text mode. I can verify that by peeking into the temporary file in (say)

This happens no matter what is the selected editor (internal or external). It happens with SCP and SFTP.

I'm using WINSCP 5.1.8 (Build 3799), Win-7 64bits.