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I have the same problem.

Can't log into an SFTP server where password includes "£".

I am unable to log into an SFTP server where my password contains a £ symbol.

I think this is a bug, as I'm able to connect using an SFTP command line in Linux just fine.

Reproducible: Always

Testing Methodology:

  • Set up a user on an SFTP server with a £ symbol within their password.
  • Attempt to connect to this server with the credentials you have just set up.

Version of Windows: 7 Professional
Versions of WinSCP tested: 5.7.6, 5.1.5.
Protocol: SFTP
Method of connection: GUI using Commander interface.

Error (WinSCP):
Authenticating with pre-entered password.

Access denied.

Error (Server side):
[30] Fri 15Jan16 15:26:26 - (009053) SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST: user: test; service: ssh-connection; type: password

[02] Fri 15Jan16 15:26:26 - (009053) Invalid login credentials; user: "test"; password: "**********"
[31] Fri 15Jan16 15:26:26 - (009053) SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_FAILURE: login failed

Please find log file attached.