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Re: keepuptodat does not find subdirectories in one special directory

You have explicitly excluded the subdirectories: -filemask="|*.styl;*/"

If you want to synchronize the subdirectories, remove the */ exclude mask.


keepuptodat does not find subdirectories in one special directory

Hello Martin and all other forists!

Today i got a bit headscratching from the following situation:

I tried to run keepuptodate via a script (see attachments), and it works, except it does somehow not see the subdirectories. I use practically the same methods from other directories, and there keepuptodate manages to find everything. Also, interestingly, keepuptodate from the GUI version works like a charm.

Actually, I don't expect a quick solution to this and resort to work with the GUI version.

Just in case you want to look at it, I attach the scripts and the log-File, made with the debug-portable version you sent me a while ago because of another issue.

It resembles a bit like what was described in an old post:

So it could somehow be caused by the server, although it does not seem logical to me. Why should the server communication have repurcussions on the local search for directories? May be because keepuptodate also searches the server for those and that somehow fails or gives back unexpected results. You are the expert.

Keep up the good work