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Problem solved by slightly changing the below line of code.

Added trailing slash and wildcard to remote path and backslash to local path.

echo get %remote_path%/* %local_path%\ -filemask="*.txt;*.pdf|*/" -resumesupport=on -delete -transfer=automatic >> script.tmp

don't want to delete folder on remote server

I've been exploring the scripting capabilities of winscp today and have stumbled upon something that I can't solve.

Expected behavior
1. Download .pdf and .txt files that from remote_path
2. Delete downloaded files in remote_path after successful download.

Batch Script

@echo off

set session=
set remote_path=/from_me/tmp
set local_path=E:\Shares\FTP\winscp-test
del %path%\test.log

echo open %session% > script.tmp
echo get -filemask="*.txt;*.pdf" %remote_path% %local_path% -resumesupport=on -delete -transfer=automatic >> script.tmp
echo exit >> script.tmp

e:\Shares\FTP\tmp\PortableApps\WinSCPPortable\App\winscp\ /script=script.tmp /loglevel=1 > %local_path%\test.log
del script.tmp

The directory /tmp on remote_path gets deleted. I don't want that. I only want to delete the files that were successfully downloaded, not the directory in which they were stored on remote_path. I have tried to use masks of different kinds but can't get it to work. The directory /tmp is always deleted.

Any help is appreciated! :)