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Re: Archive files when winscp backup is done?

That's not a task for WinSCP.

Just wrap the WinSCP call to a batch file and archive/compress the files from the batch file after WinSCP finishes.

Archive files when winscp backup is done?


I am running a scrip for backing up my remote web server files over SFTP, and its working great with task scheduler, so all OK :)

What i would like, is to have the same script zip/rar the files before it exit, preferably with dated filename so that i can have mutiple backup stored localy.

any tips on what to add to my script?

option batch on

option confirm off

# Connect - format: user:password@host
open winscp-sftp://user:password@host

# Change remote directory
cd /home/

# Force binary mode transfer
option transfer binary

# Download backup file to the local directory
get *.* P:\Backup\

# Disconnect

# Exit WinSCP