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Re: Queue processing and maximum connection count

With a way how WinSCP works internally, this is a very difficult task to do. So unfortunately, it's unlikely.

Queue processing and maximum connection count

I have a target that only supports 1 connection. That is 1 connection to browse and the same for transfers.
When browsing and downloading files this works great with winscp, mainly due to the configurable stubbornness that it will infinitely keep trying again automatically. (cellular is bad)
However, when I want to queue a series of files/folders not consecutive or recursive I have to use the queue. But the queue opens another connection.

I would like winscp to disconnect the browser connection or utilize the browsing connection for the queue.

As in, maximum transfer count to 0 means only 1 connection anytime. No browsing when any transfer is in progress.

Would that be possible?