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OK, you have VMS system. So your files have version appended at the end.
The mask does not match that. You have to alter the mask so that it matches the version appendix too.

you are absolutly correct. i sent you the wrong files as i have tried many different things so i apologize for my error.

i have attahced the correct log file so hopefully you will see something in this one. I have attached the log file without the wildcard so you can see that it works. Thanks again.

Re: get with wildcards gives Special code 12 in my log file.

The "Special code 12" is irrelevant to your problem. It's sent always at the end of SSH session.

The problem is that there's no file matching mask NPS_ELIG*.TXT in the directory. There are only NPS_ELIG.PS and NPS_ELIG.PSD. None of them have .TXT extension.

get with wildcards gives Special code 12 in my log file.

I am trying to use wildcards to get multiple files. my "get" works if i use a specific file name, just not with a wildcard. i am using 5.5.2 build 4130. I have attached my windows 7 batch file, script and log file. I am logging into an OpenVMS v8.4 system. Any help you can give would be great. :?