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Re: Another vote from me :)

OK, vote taken into account :)

Another vote from me :)

Is this still under consideration, or has it been scrapped? I too would love to see the possibility of changing font colors as well. I stick to white text on blueish background in my Total Commander; and changing Windows system colors to this just doesn't seem like a plausible solution. ;)
Is there at least a way to display dot files in regular black font color? Now they're gray, and if I choose a darker background, they tend to lose visibility.

Re: Changing color of file list

I consider this :-)

Changing color of file list

I realy like to have Norton Commander like color scheme - white (or light-grey) font on blue background, with yellow marks. But I can't see customize colors option in preferences. Definitely downloading FAR is not a solution (I like NC colors, but I'm not extremist ;-D). I've tired to use Total Commander with SFTP plugin but - to be honest - its far from perfection, while WinSCP is nearby...