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Re: problem with synchronizeDirectories

What does the "never ends" mean? Does it keep going indefinitely (=loops) for some reason? Or does it hang? What should I look for in the log?


Edit: it only happens in powershell 2.0 , with powershell 3.0 it does not happen

problem with synchronizeDirectories

Hey guys i have a problem.
Let me explain you my Powershell script.
The script works in the TaskScheduler at a certain point.
First it creates a global session for the script and synchronzies the directory from local to remote for one time.
That works quite well.
In the following time there is a timer for syncing the files again for example each 2mins.
But here is the problem, the synchronisation of new files in the path starts quite well but never ends, as you can see in the log file.
I dont know where the problem is, because I tested it in Windows 10 and it worked, but in Windows 7 it does not work.

In the Attachment theres the log file.

Thanks for your help!