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Re: "Keep remote directory up to date" sometimes misses files

WinSCP may skip a change, if a file is changed within the same minute and the server does not provide second-precision timestamps (common with some FTP servers, notably the IIS).

Though this has been improved recently, pending release (in few days):

"Keep remote directory up to date" sometimes misses files


first of all, thanks for this great program. I've been using it for years.

There's a problem that I can't reproduce reliably, but it has been occurring for a long time, with different computers, Windows versions and WinSCP versions.

The "Keep remote directory up to date" mode sometimes doesn't notice when I change a file. I use that mode to develop websites. I have a local copy of all HTML files etc. that I work on, and WinSCP copies my changed files to my webserver.

I think it mostly happens when I copy a whole batch of changed files, as if WinSCP didn't react quickly enough.

Does anyone else know this problem and maybe how to solve it?