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If you use a WebJob, these run as sandox functions, giving you access to some type of obscure disk storage. Download the FTP files to this storage (just use @"D:\downloads") and then climb them to blob, and delete the local file. It worked for me.

This would be a nice feature

I agree that being able to transfer directly to an azure blob storage would be nice. I am currently trying to figure out how to get a file to my blob but I can't (Not permitted to) save locally first, it needs to go directly there. I'll have to keep looking for a solution. Maybe there is an easy way of doing this that I have not considered.

Re: Transfer to Azure Blob Storage

Thanks for your suggestion and an offer for help.

Will consider this. But you know, there are so many different APIs for accessing various data sources. It's just not feasible to implement (and mainly to maintain and support) all of them.

Transfer to Azure Blob Storage

I really love the Sync features of WinSCP, thanks for creating this.

Currently I am syncing a remote FTP location with a local folder. The files are zipped. Once the files are local I unzip them and transfer them to Azure Blob Storage.

WinSCP does a great job getting the files to me, it would be really great if I could use it to sync the unzipped files with Azure Blob Storage. The connection and transfer is fairly straightforward using the Azure Storage SDK. I would be happy to share C# code that we use for data transfer if it would help.

In general the ability to use WinSCP against Azure Storage would be a great feature.